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Dream It - Community Visionaries Program

Maybe you’ve got a dream that’s just out of reach and you need the additional funds to achieve it, or maybe a close friend has a personal wish that’s a few sizes too big for their pocket, or maybe you know someone that’s fallen on a difficult time due to Covid and the like, or recent changes at work or at home…

That’s when a family, circle of friends, or a caring community will gladly lend you their support, yet the tools to reach out to them and fundraise for your dreams and desires are necessary. That’s what the Charidy Dream It community is all about. We provide you with all the methods required to do just that.

The Charidy Magic Touch

Personal matters, business and tech innovators, startup founders, and weekend tinkerers may not always know their options when it comes to raising money. Charidy Dream It will assist you with your ideal crowdfunding campaign and help you navigate fundraising from your family and friends, especially when circumstances may be extra sensitive. Charidy Dream It has helped numerous causes and will continue to provide our clients with the essential resources to encourage donors to access their abundant generosity and willingness to give.

Raising Money For

  • A sudden loss in a family
  • Family that is suffering from a sudden financial crisis
  • Honoring the memory of a loved one
  • Fulfilling a dream
  • Gifting a special bucket list
Fundraising levels
Large Scale:
Medium campaigns: